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Yata Garasu

AKA Paul Hoeylaerts born in Belgium (1986)

My journey started @ a local dancecafe in Olen (the village I live in) in 2000 (when i wazz like 14 years young)

I started dj'ing metal, rock, then hip-hop and eventually electro, techno.

My 1st contact of 'psy' muzik started way earlier @ age of 6/7 years old listening ot juno reactor and hallucinogen, space tribe, time schudlt and such...

I started Yata-Garasu project in 2004, and made my very 1st track: camille on FL3! LOL (oldschooool) and never changed program!!! (I've been in love with making my own unique sound ever since my early creations on FL)

@2006 i released my 1st track ever on my 1st label ever lol :p it wazz: Yata-Garasu - 'Sin' on SKitzophrenik lifeform records and I was made VP of the label. Thanx to my friend Pzyko (Didier).

My 1st Live set ever back in early 2007 wazz 1 hour NON STOP of my old style that I called deathpsy; 187.5 BPM. NOBODY WAZZ DANCING!! hahahahahaha LOOOOL only me ;) but I made my impression I think ;)

anyway'z ever since the years 2005/2008 I've been on the top of the charts of the Belgian scene. I stopped my dj'ing (and going out day'z) back in early 2008!

along the years I have improved and changed my style from: deathpsy into EMOTIONPSY (what I call emotionps atleast and create)

Cause I place all my emotions into each track no matter what! Ever track hazz a story with me, every track hazz hizz soul!!!

I'm not a "wannabe" mainstream producer like there are 1,000's of (who produce souless muzik) (to me anyway'z) so i'm alway'z looking for artist's that inspire me and make ORIGINAL muzik don't mind the quality! (I had shitty quality for a loooooong time too, so)

along the years I've been privileged to release on so many different labels around the world! so again I'm very happy because I make muzik for me! not for you! if you love my muzik and you want to release or are a fan? well I thank you VERY much, I really do!

Labels include: H.S.S. rec/ I.C.C. rec / bloodcuk rec. / black magic rec. / hellchedelic rec. / horrordelic rec / anomalistic rec and so on.

If you've listened to my muzik (old or new) begin - don't stop - and don't FF. ;)