• Welcome to JellyFish Frequency Recordings

    The beautifully profound, strangely isolated soundscapes of constantly changing dimensions are delicately crafted by a series of soundworld magicians here at Jellyfish Frequency Recordings. These frequency professionals alter the space time continuum of music, injecting the very basis of passionate dreams into the brains of millions. Expressions straight from their hearts are painted into waveform, expanding the world into colorful horizons. With every movement, a new idea is born.

    This idea sprouts into an astronomical collection of arabesque visions that will pull you deep into a wonderful universe. Biomorphic figures tower into the sky overhead, mazes of curious creatures scatter across colorful hills, and massive terraforms grow to create a new reality. Expect the unexpected and leave everything you know about psytrance at the door. You will be bewildered, confused, and amazed at the innovations these talented sprouts of brilliance present.

    In a cosmical and whimsical performance, the plucking of synths and dances of bass textures evolve across a multitude of organic purity. As you plug in your earphones, turn on your speakers, or stare silently at your screen, your perception will be altered and your mind will be blown. Our vision is to help you discover, explore, and love. There is something for everyone, offering ideals across both the light and dark spectrums. Oh, and by the way, it's absolutely free, and it always will be. Give one of our albums a taste in MP3, FLAC, or WAV formats. We want to take you on a journey.

    Enjoy, - The JellyFish Frequency Recordings Team (write-up written by Nick Sumbles)