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Romeo Bacskai 1989th October 4 was born in Budapest. The music started early enough for now to show interest, because his parents were young when he was born and took Romeo to concerts, festivals. At the age of four I saw Lou Reed in live . begin to play the flute in primary school but not as much success as it won a year of piano, but it did not last long. Passed the years went by. Almost any hand contact with the dark style. Were big favorites such as: Dead beat, punk, hardcore and metal sectors ... to the point was fast and hard to be strong themes containing both text and music instrument. At the age of 14 was a small attempt grindcore punk music, but it was just a fling. The teenage years, the password was : sex and drugs &party was present at all drumandbass, Tekno, jazz, underground hip hop and all kinds of distorted electronic music in his life. But the best drumandbass employed. For example: spl, limewax, Twisted Individual, taxman, .. all kinds of sound words, and in 2006 acquired the lot on which to program virtual dj tried.And suddenly in 2008, a giant of friends traveling in a Goa Gil party as much impact on her music and all kinds of pszihedelikus experience that really still hard to comprehend This started a process of Psychedelic Trance (darkpsy) into the úszkálást these friends at parties to whom it has not gained that could exist ..with a few people in bestoppolták Europe and all kinds of darkpsy party visited but mostly psykovsky-t and kindzadza was they practiced it the greatest impact :) from 2010 start to try different music writing program, but what is the best came to him in Ableton was that a dear friend aka Akos Pecze nasgul from whom he received the joint formation: Harad. When I got home took the first written in the lanes did not believe that there is such self-taught and tried a lot of clamshell doors that the program gave him and of course a couple of instruction for a few friend mention should also be a very important person to me, Papp Balázs aka Trip Lord ! We started with him elaborate on writing music. The band's name: Digital Terror Gnome. Sometimes they will play in Europe and at home. But not the world of DJ-set but also writing music 
I have a few hobbies outside of a musician such as extreme sports and travel, world vision, experience a lot of ways, making things like that .. and much more!But what you have found yourself in the hospitality and entertainment industry .. He works as a chef and would like to open a restaurant once. At least three children and want to be happy There are a couple of experimental music which deals with Tekno, Industrial, Experimental Noize, darkandbass, and even more